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Noticia del Miércoles 11 de agosto de 2010
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Do not renege on promises

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Do not renege on promises

Dear ONE Member,
As a Haitian living in Canada, my heart was broken after Haiti’s devastating earthquake on January 12. Although all of my family survived, I lost friends and so much of my country was destroyed. I was devastated and felt powerless to help.
Less than a month later, I had the honour of delivering ONE’s petition on Haiti debt forgiveness to the G8 in my hometown of Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada. Signed by over 200,000 ONE members from around the world, I was overjoyed when I heard the announcement come through a few days later: Haiti’s debt had been forgiven, meaning a country struggling to rebuild had one less obstacle to face.
But I’m writing to you today because ONE members can make a huge difference in Haiti once again.
In the hours and days after the quake, many world leaders pledged to give Haiti the money they needed to help rebuild. But six months later, only 10% of that money has actually made it to the country. Spain is one of many who have yet to pay up.
President Clinton, UN Special Envoy to Haiti has vowed to follow-up with these deadbeat donors and we want to show the world is with him. By signing our petition in support of President Clinton, you’ll help demonstrate global support for Haiti’s speedy recovery.
To sign the petition, click here:


Petition text:
Dear world leaders,
Don’t renege on promises to those who need them most. Keep your commitments and urgently deliver the support you pledged so that Haiti can begin to rebuild.
Haiti has fought hard to survive and rebuild in these last six months, but if the promised funds are not delivered then their ability to plan and prepare for the future is compromised. People are still living in tents, the streets are still covered with rubble and jobs are practically non-existent.
Imagine what a difference we could make if world leaders delivered the other 90% today. Tomorrow another family might have a safe place to call home before the hurricane season rips through. Next month another girl might be walking through the doors of a new school. Next year another hospital might open to help mothers deliver babies in a clean, safe space.
I hope you’ll join me once again in ensuring Haiti is not forgotten.
Thank you,
Michèle Bertol, ONE Member

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