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Noticia del Martes 19 de julio de 2011
WMW International Secretariat
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European young feminist camp

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Solidarity to Palestine European young feminist camp

We share with you news recently received from our friends WMW activists about the European Young Feminists Camp which is going on in Terreblanque, France, as well as the message sent by Manon Massé, a WMW Quebec activist who spent several days in Greece to participate in the international solidarity fleet that tried to reach Gaza, in Palestine, breaking the embargo imposed by Israel to the region.

European Young Feminists Camp has started!

Since Saturday, 9th July, over 60 young feminists from 10 European countries are taking part in the European Young Feminists Camp in Terreblanque, France. The camp is being organised by young World March of Women activists from the continent, with the participation of women from various grassroots collectives. The objectives of the workshops in which they are taking part are to share experiences of struggles and political positions, and to identify priorities within current struggles.

The camp is self-managed and, despite the key role of Parisian young women in its organisation, the participants are collectively taking on more and more responsibilities and tasks. Decisions are taken in daily general assemblies and dialogue between participants is guaranteed through the presence of interpreters without whom exchanges would be impossible in French, English, Spanish and, sometimes, Portuguese. Clara Carbunar, from the WMW-France, has shared with us that “the ambiance is at the same time very relaxed and studious. There are many things to discuss between us”.

The camp is women-only, but public events open to all who would like to participate are included in the agenda, such as the demonstration on Friday, 15th, and a concert and public debate on Saturday, 16th. WMW activists are invited to participate and share experiences with the young women who have come together for the camp.

To look at photos and news of the various camp activities, please click on the following links: &

 In solidarity with Gaza, Palestine. 
“Greetings to everybody,

The Tahrir will not leave! With sadness and anger in our hearts, we have decided to put a temporary end to our trip. The Israeli blockade attained its goal; the Greek bureaucracy has got the better of us. This time, it is impossible for Tahir to set sail in the direction of Gaza.

Far from seeing this as a failure, we are aware of the extremely positive impact of this mission. More than ever, the whole world is interested in the Palestine situation and tens of thousands of people understand a little better the inhumanity and illegality of the Israeli blockade. It is together that we can make a difference.

This experience made me become more aware of the need to stand up as citizens when our representatives do not live up to their responsibilities. I found people here like me who believe that another world is possible and necessary. I also found friends that have transformed my life forever.
A journey ends, but another begins. The struggle for justice is a daily struggle. It is every day of our lives that we must raise up and demonstrate that we don’t accept the power of some over others, nor the system that excludes, and that we reject political decisions that blocks the construction of a better world for all and – especially – the love for people with all their differences. Zionism is a story of power, exclusion, possession and hate. I hope my commitment to this trip can help you to understand the deeper meaning of our slogan "Stay Human".
I want to thank you wholeheartedly for taking the boat with us. In this long journey I felt your support. During my moments of doubts and fears, I found the courage to continue by thinking of you and the Palestinians. Together we have helped to change the face of the world a little. 

We do thank Manon for her information.

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