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Second International Meeting of Action Art of the Pumarejo

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Second International Meeting of Action Art of the Pumarejo

The International Meeting of Action Art of the Pumarejo is an initiative from the Gallery Weber-Lutgen (Seville, Spain). with which it wants to acclimate an artistic activity that, although being connatural to the Andalusian soul, does not enjoy the knowledge and diffusion as to allow it to integrate the existing cultural panorama.

We try to create a space for reflection, exchange and investigation that allows to develop and to project new kinds of thinking in contemporary art and that this takes place in the township of the Pumarejo. This district has been an alternative core of cultural resistance to the official culture from the eighties, and it it continues to be in the Panorama of the current economic crisis.

We from the JIAAP understand the art of action as something alife and therefore in permanent evolution. We will try to offer the full range of action art, from the orthodox to it's expansion in all fields of human creativity: dance, painting, architecture, poetry, video, painting, radio, new technologies, reactivity, coocking, etc.

In this edition the locations are both halls of the gallery, five spaces of the Centro Vecinal el Pumarejo and the Plaza itself. The activities, open air and indoor, will be carried out from Friday evening 27th January, Saturday the 28th forenoon and evening as well as Sunday morning, 29th.

We invite artists of any discipline and country to present his proposal in one or both sections of the JIAAP: Life-Action and Video-Action. We will collect proposals until December 16th and 23th respectively.

In both blocks, life action and video-actions), the gallery and the curator compromise themselves with every participant to:
- Create a space within the home page of the gallery with:

-The detailed programme

- Report within max 12 hours by video and photographies of the works as they are realized.

- Put the material on video already edited, in reasonable span, after conclusion of the meeting where they will remain at least for the period of one year.

- Issue a certificate of participation.

- To facilitate the whole raw material of video and photo generated during the accomplishment of the action(share).

- Edition of DVD with the published material of both sections of the meeting.

- Catalogue in Pdf (and if we get funding, also printed)

We hope that these summons are of your interest as well as that of your acquaintances. We invite you as well to visit the web page of the past edition.

Date: From 27th to 29th January 2012

City: Seville

Country: Spain

For the presentation of projects or any doubt/question donnot hesitate to get in touch with:

María AA (Curator) - JIAAP – International Meeting of Action Art at The Pumarejo.
e-mail:  - phones:  (+0034) 693351510 -  0034 954909471-  0034 629324970 - Galería Weber-Lutgen

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