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Noticia del Domingo 24 de junio de 2012
Women for Peace
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Women Occupy National Conversation

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Women Occupy National Conversation

4th of July isn’t just about BBQs and fireworks – it’s a time to remind ourselves of the independence we are working for: freedom from war, freedom from corporate money in politics, and freedom to be gender equal! This year, let's declare our independence from killer drone strikes, corporate greed, big banks and warfare. And what better place to do it than where the country was founded, in Philadelphia?!

The Occupy movement will convene in Philadelphia near Independence Mall for a week of learning, direct actions and strategy discussions, June 30th-July 4th. We’re calling on you CODEPINK feminists to join with us! We need your voices and leadership to help build this community! Register here to join in! We have a dream to have a vibrant representation of fierce, passionate and engaged women activists at the upcoming Occupy National Gathering, a showing of more than 50% women.

We will be part of the first National Feminist General Assembly (FemGA) on July 1 st at 7pm in Philly. “Fem GA”s have been taking place across the country, giving voice to the next activista feminista.

Join us in Philly to be part of the FemGA, Bust the Banks actions, our Equal Rights After-Party and our Beautiful Trouble workshop.

If you can't make it to Philadelphia to be part of the Occupy National Gathering please support new leadership and sponsor a young woman of color to attend and share her voice. We will also be part of #DeclareIndependence - a national day of tweeting action to raise awareness about corporate $$ in politics. Sign up here to join the twitter team!

A little bit of the backstory… We have been supporting women in the Occupy movement with trainings and tools housed at Over the last few months we have heard from folks on our weekly calls the continued frustration around the lack of gender and racial equality in the Occupy Wall Street movement. We have also heard from the young women that they now understand the value of feminist activism and are proud to be feminists.

Yes, Occupy is still alive! Join our Women Occupy community to stay informed about summer actions.

This July 4, let’s reflect on how empire-building and corporate personhood is destroying the soul of our nation. Let us recommit to getting our soldiers out of Afghanistan, grounding the drones, getting dirty money out of elections and, in the process, becoming the rulers of our own spirit.

We hope to see you in Philly.

Women occupy for economic and social justice!

Alli, Assata, Iwanka, Janet, Jodie, Medea, Magda, Nancy, Rae, Sam


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