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Noticia del Sábado 02 de marzo de 2013
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Public Process

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The artist María AA exhibits the experience as performaive artist of her latest 13 years Public Process

Using the layout of the gallery, two parallel connected spaces each with showcase to the street, she will show in one of the two spaces the work created during her 13 years of experience as performative artist by means of 30 videos, 15 objects resulting from of the actions, sketches and preparatory texts, press clippings and literature. In the other space a video-action is produced every day: beginning with conception, through preparation, recording and editing. At the end of the day the resulting work will be added to the central projection of the first room, thus creating a series that will grow during the month-long exhibition and this process gives the name to the exhibition.

In "Proceso Público" is incised in the sample and explanation of how the artist works: Her priorities, budgets, sources, means and resources, not just the results. Life and work in the gallery (full time, every day during a month) may be observed and followed not only visiting the wards, but through the windows, via streaming and an online diary blog. The time passing by and changes are highlighted in the work to be performed every day: a record of self-portraits, a very particular counter and the number of video-core activities.

The artist will receive guests on previously telephonically (gallery phone) arranged appointments: Singles, groups, couples, children and adults to chat, have a tea or make perhaps a performance together. The whole project is very reactive, the works shown will alternate, special events will be scheduled according to the proposals arising (such as the day of the working woman, a birthday, a concert, etc.), the artist's actions respond to the daily circumstances (the news, the author's personal circumstances, if the public participates in an action, whether as an assistant or co-interpreter, which is agreed in the rendezvous ...).

The project plays on the double meaning of the expression "Proceso Público" (Public Process): She not only exposes the work and how it is done, but the artist throughout the duration of the exhibit, thereby exposing herself to the judgement of the observer ( for their ideas, sex, creativity, treatment, activities, work methods, results, etc).

A big experience and challenge. Stimulating. Like life itself.

Date: from 5th March to 12th April 2013

Place: Galería Weber-Lutgen - Fray Diego de Cádiz, 9 - a-b - Sevilla

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